It’s all Greek to me

Star wars still 1

Woo hoo I'm off to sunny Greece on Saturday, well it won't be that sunny but warmer than our beloved  Ireland that's for sure. The boys have been invited to screen their last film at the Camera Zizanio Film Festival in Pyrgos, on the West Coast. We went to the same festival last year, for a week (lucky us) and we had an amazing time. The boys got to hang out and do animation workshops with cool Greek teenagers. I got to meet some great people from all over the world and, best of all, we watch films day in day out for a whole week.

On food terms Greece is pretty good. Even the fast food is pretty healthy and I love the take away stuff like Souvlaki, feta cheese and spinach pies and gyros. This time I'm bringing an empty suitcase to bring back lots of tins of olives, jars of honey, coffee and bottles of wine from the Mercuri estates. It's perfect timing for skiving off from work, school, homework and housework and getting to spend a whole week indulging in lovely lazy arty pass-times.

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