O’Connor brothers scoop film-making award in Greece


We are back from another whirlwind adventure in Greece at the Camera Zizanio Film Festival for Children and Young People. What a blast, a week of doing nothing but watching lots of movies, eating, more eating and, best of all, meeting amazing and inspiring film-makers from across the globe from India to Iceland and Australia to Ireland.  The individual  in the photo there is Sharkey, he came with us to make a documentary about going to a film festival and he interviewed lots of prominent people, though tried to eat several of them. He is pictured above on a tour of ancient Olympia, which he found very boring, I loved it of course, being a boring grown-up.

You can see him here trying to get his chops around director Santosh Sivan who won the award for best film with his feature length movie called Tahan – A boy with a grenade, an amazing adventure story set in Kashmir.

Here he, and the boys (Leon is not bored, he's just resting his eyes) are with acclaimed Icelandic director Ari Kristensen who won the award for Best Director with his great modern-day epic No Network.

Here the boys are with legendary Greek animator Kostas Katrakis, he did a week long workshop with local kids and the boys took part, I'll upload the film when I get it from him. They won third place in the European Category Under 12s with their film, we are all thrilled to bits and it set us up nicely for the over-night journey back from West Greece to Dublin in the early hours. Making films has been great for the kids, and for me and festivals like the Fresh in Ireland are a great opportunity for young people to try out their talents. Of course I have  afridge full of feta cheese, olives and olive oil and honey that I stowed away in my suitcase. Yum, or Nostimo!

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