Food- it’s not just for eating


I know Spring cleaning is meant to be done in Spring but the nasty, nasty weather made me feel bored and strangely drawn to detoxing my cupboards. It can be scary,  what you find lurking in the back of presses, Octopus salad form Lidl best before Sept 2007, amazing it didn't walk off on its own, six packets of pistachio nuts (green ice cream here we come) and all sorts of spices, bread sticks and packets of olives I'd brought home from a recent trip to Greece. I also have a huge tin of forest honey, or so it says on the tin, which is really yummy and will have no problem being eaten. My veggie basket has a lid on it so often contains surprises, some of which are not too pleasant. One of my favourite veggies, an ichi kuri pumpkin lay in waiting as a really nice surprise and I soon  had half of it bubbling in a thai curry.

The glamorously named credit crunch in Ireland has lead to an obsession of money saving. It's not somehting we are used to in Ireland in the past ten years, watching the cash. Luckily I've never been rolling in it so I can't say I feel a huge difference just yet. I have become better at not wasting food though and have decided to do more with my food than just eat it. The pumpkin remains will be eaten for sure, roasted with honey is truly yummy. I am also going to try it as a face mask, it's rich in beta carotene and moisturisers. I just wonder will I end up looking like an Oompa loompa, I'll report back, and maybe even use a photo, though I doubt it! Next on my list is a honey face mask, just honey spread on your face and left for 15 minutes. Sounds great, and you can just smear a slice of toast over your face afterwards and then have  a bed-time snack, excellent.

Experiments will begin anon and I will report back, sweetly, stickyly and orangely. All tips and experience of food beauty treatments welcome please.

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