Watch RTE HEAT’s on Feb 17th at 8.30pm – I’m cooking on TV !!

They say blogging opens doors……..

One day, late in 2008, the fairy of reality TV came a knocking on my inbox. 

It was an e-mail asking me if I would be interested in taking part in a TV show called Heat  , starring famous chefs Kevins Dundon and Thornton. I paused for a moment, not long enough to catch my breath, and I replied, you bet I would. I'll do anything once, and somethings twice and all that………..

The next step in the vetting process was to answer a series of questions on the phone, I don't remember any of them now but I'm sure I made myself out to be all sassy and cool and interesting. I clearly said all the right things then too. A few days later the fairy of reality TV, a cute blonde girl called Debbie arrive at my front door, I was to cook her lunch while she video-ed me. Cleaning the house probably took the most time and then waiting for her while I bit my nails took a lot of the rest of the time. I cooked bangers and mash, not regular bangers and mash of course, but those amazing sausages that I'm always banging on about from Caroline Rigney in Limerick. I made colcannon and red onion gravy and it was all really yum, as the empty plate promised. I didn't have any problem with the camera, in fact it was a nice piece of gear. 

A few days after that, or weeks, I'm not sure, I got another call to say that I was through and would be taking part in one of the TV shows as part of the second series. I had never watched Heat, though I am a big fan of Masterchef, so I had to pretend that I knew all about it (hmmmmmm). I was told that I would be cooking under Kevin Dundon, not literally, but that he would be my mentor. I hadn't heard much about Kevn Dundon, other than he's a nice bloke. I had heard that Kevin Thornton was a hard-ass, no shit-talking chef, and of course his restaurant is really famous. That kind of reputation is attractive but I'm a bit of a sissy and was glad that I was delivered into the hands of Mr. D and not Mr. T. 

Being given this opportunity I thought, what will I do with it? Working as a food writer in Limerick and Ireland has brought me into contact with many great food producers and I've written about them and of course, I regularly eat their food. So I says to myself, I'll use as much Limerick food as I can get my hands on. And that's where the real fun began. I scoured magazines for recipe ideas, thought about what was in season and off I went, bombing around County Limerick in my Renault Megane (the one with the big bum) to meet people and get my supplies. 

It was late Autumn so beetroot were about, as was venison, mushrooms and apples. I made my way to Emer O'Flaherty who runs a beautiful walled garden full of organic goodies, there I found beetroots, swiss chard and delicious crunchy salads. I was immediately converted to eating locally grown ( as much as possible) food and haven't looked back. Beetroots in the bag, I started to think about the menu. I chatted lots, grilled foodies friends and on went the search. Johnathan Sykes, of the big house in Springfield, rears his own venison herd. He assured he would soon have some for me so I put venison on the list. Rachel O'Grady in Askeaton grows lots of varieties of apples so I called in there to pick some, many different ones. John O'Connell from Kilkornan is mushroom crazy and was kind enough to give me a selection of all sorts of mushrooms from Amethysts to oyster for my dishes. Bacon lardons for my salad were from Caroline Rigney, of course!!

After much fussin, talking, asking of questions and tasting, I came up with this menu…..

There will be many blog posts about this, as it's the blog that led to this place, thank to the interweb for making opportunities and all that…..



Caramelised Kilmore Quay Scallops and Roasted Beetroot Salad


A Warm Winter Seafood Salad of Mixed Organic Greens & Root Vegetables, drizzled with a Lemon Maple Dressing




A Ragout of Springfield Venison


 Sautéed with Limerick Mushrooms with a Red Wine & Cream Reduction and a Pilaf of Jasmine Rice




Linguine Marinara


A Selection of Fresh Fish & Shellfish with a Vine-Ripened Tomato & Basil Sauce served on a be
d of Home-Made Linguine




Warm Askeaton Apple Tarte Tatin


Caramelised Apples on Shortcrust Pastry with a Lemon Curd Ice Cream



Tea or Coffee

MENU B €30

Just gotta get some photos from my old computer for this….

4 thoughts on “Watch RTE HEAT’s on Feb 17th at 8.30pm – I’m cooking on TV !!

  1. feck it, i won’t see it, we don’t get rte down here, will you utube it afterwards? won’t be able to walk down o’connell street now!!!

  2. Hi my name is Elaine Keady from galway, I was just wondering if you could help me with something,, my sister Sharon is a chef and wants to apply for the head chef position on the RTE t.v shoe Heat, I have been trying everything to get contact details for this but havnt succeded , I was wondering if you could help me please??? I would realy appreciate it alot..

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