Even better than the real thing

I didn't think it was possible to enjoy a scenario where, technically I lost the challenge

I felt really nervous coming up to the screening of the programme, as of course I knew I'd lost so I wasn't keen on seeing that on TV. 

Given that I was finished an hour and a half before my opponent Niamh, and I had no food sent I was pretty sure I had won. All my food was actually cooked!!!! A simple requirement in any kitchen. I wasn't aware of the effect of the tarte tatin. That was the dish that won me the first round and lost me the second. Just shows that the palate of a chef and that of Joe public are worlds apart. It's good enough for Kevin Dundon but not for the customers???

Chocolate deserts are always a winner. Chocolate fondant is everywhere and I make a mean one myself. It's a yummy thing and clearly was a good choice

All that said and done, I'm thrilled with the programme. I had no idea I could do that and I'm really happy with how I came across on camera, I made lots of jokes and was caught with my pants donw a few times. If you're wondering what the hell was going on with the stock, then I have to confess and tell it was a chef friend who gave me some as as a present. It's no biggie, but I was so clearly lying!!! Like a bold child with jam all over their face. 
Thanks to friends who sent me the following text messages: It's all about the love at the end of the day………..and the edit 🙂

Hey val,
Well done!!  You were great, and what a compliment to be referred to as "cool" in such a stressed environment!  You are very photogenic!!
Michaela – Alchemist Earth Limerick

John Flynn- Limerick: Magic

Tom Mann- Abbeyfeale: Lookin Hot Val, you were excellent, a natural, the camera loves you (I like this one) 

Stewie McMahon- Limerick: Saw the show, I disagree with the result, Disgraceful, well done

Emer Sherry – Co. Clare:  Well done! Was V impressed with the show. Needless to say we think you should have won

Des Fry- Limerick: We watched and enjoyed,. We both think you were robbed. Well done

Claire McEntee- Dublin: Val you were tobed and u played a blinder and u looked fantastic

Sinead- Limerick : Well done Val, Cool out you did great

Lorna Hodkinson – Limerick: Well done u were excellent 

Martina Hill – Wicklow : You were robbed! You looked like a natural in the kitchen though!

Carmel Fallon – Congrats and well done- you should have won- great achievement anyway

Caroline Rigney: I thought you said you lost! Clearly not, they got the numbers wrong!

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