What a difference a day makes….

I had no idea of the power of radio

Thanks to everyone who logged on today, my readership went through the roof, thanks Mr T
And read Bernie Goldbach's excellent post here 

You can also listen to the interview at Bernies site, I made a balls of uploading the mp3, thanks Bernie

I was not asleep in the studio as you may think, I was jumping around ape-like trying to get them to sort it out. I do feel I made up for it in the end…

I have noticed a general air of badness towards Mr. T on the blogowaves. I can't say that I subscribe to any of them, he's just a guy doing his job, and if the hits I got today bear any reflection on his listenership then the people of Ireland love him. Does it have to be interpreted that just because you go on a radio show to talk about something, that you are looking for an argument ? Not so I'm afraid. It's not a competition, everyone has their place and everyone is going places too. Peace and love people, peace and love 


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