Me in the Irish Independent Magazine


This piece was in the Mother's Day special edition of the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine, March 21st. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement, yay! 

It's a funny sort of piece, as in it harks back to our "first" confession, first film etc. Of course I didn't remember my first words, given that I was probably thinking in colours and tastes at the time. 

It's nice and validating to have a little something like this done. As a food writer, much of my payment comes in the form of a leg of lamb or a crate of wine, you don't get into this game for the money, but for the love of food. 

4 thoughts on “Me in the Irish Independent Magazine

  1. Hi Michelle
    Thanks for that. Unfortunately the Limerick Independent will no longer be running Val’s Kitchen due to budget cuts. Big pity 🙁

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