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 I just realised that this post makes no sense whatsoever. It was written quickly after I was on Ray Darcy's Odd One Out Quiz this morning. Today was the turn of " People who grow their own vegetables at home". This, it seems is trendier than Lady Gaga's big pants and swap shop shopping. See, if you wait long enough, eventually we all have our chance to be tragically hip. I've been growing small amounts of stuff for years, tomatoes, herbs and the like. Last year I branched out (sorry!) to courgettes, broad beans, runner beans, lettuce, rocket and more tomatoes. 

Due to popular demand, here are some photos of the yard aka "walled garden", please note I was being ironic when I said that! Nothing looks too interesting yet as they are all seedlings so no real action yet. Watch this space for exciting veggie pictures of stuff growing! 



And for the hell of it, a lemon poppy seed cake, nom



Blurry apple tree

Lots of plants are still seedlings, I have spuds in a grow bag, an apple tree in a pot, lettuce 3 types, tomatoes – 2 types, courgettes, pumpkins, runner beans and herbs

Planting in pots is great, easy to keep and involves no digging so I really make the most of the space and its great when everything is growing, I just nip outside and pick stuff for dinner, like these from last year

5 thoughts on “Here’s my yard

  1. lickity split time..thanks V…funny I was expecting in my minds eye walls teaming with hanging boxes of all sorts..I suppose its because my back garden is getting the early summer rig-out at the min.Have 2 large sheds taking up all the sunny space at the back of a small north facing garden , ones a studio and the other for storage , anyway the sun falls mostly where the sheds are and I am in half a mind about smothering them in various size hanging veg boxes.thus the interest in your yard.I was looking for soil types? best/quickest growing like that really.Thanks again.

  2. You could also grow medicinal herbs in a garden of this type. Some things, in the natural state, have the most vivid colours. Don’t you agree?

  3. Hi Jo
    Great Idea, what do you suggest I grow in terms of medicinal herbs? At the moment the herbs I am growing are lemon balm, thyme, parsley and lavender, any more interesting suggestions?
    And J, the garden will change a lot over the summer, there won’t be much space left, and thanks for the yummy recipe

  4. Val,
    Heard you on Ray Darcy’s quiz the other morning. It got me thinking. I have a big garden full of weeds. I would like to grow my own but am allergic to hard work i.e. digging and pulling up weeds. Your method of sowing veg in pots, bags barrels etc. sounds good to me!
    Question: Is there a web site I can log on to, like ‘Gardening for Morons’ or something, where I can learn the basic. I have three small kiddies and would like to get them interested in it.

  5. Hi Brendan
    Ha I love your approach, I looked online and there is no actual gardening for morons blog, now there’s an opening. Maybe I should “branch out”, sorry. I went to a meeting last night about starting allotments in Limerick, so exciting. I suggest you just go and get some trays for seeds and get some compost and grow the seeds in a sunny window and them plant into grow bags outside. Spud bags are brainless prefect so get some seed potatoes from a decent garden centre. Courgettes, lettuce, peas, runner beans and herbs are all foolproof

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