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Today was my first day at College, my first time since the last time I went to college many moons ago. Rowing in with the recession like the rest of the country, it was time to up-skills and do something real. Transferable skills, a phrase I heard today for the first time, is what it's about. Learning something useful, applicable to real life that can only lead to good things. 

My love of grub led me to a love of grub growing and so I checked out courses in this area back in Spring. Turns out the best-sounding course in Organic Growing is at the Organic College, Drumcollagher, Co.Limerick. I sent in my application, went for my interview and got a place. Today I joined a group of about 40 enthusiastic folk from all over Ireland who are there to learn new things about old ways. The exuberant and witty Jim McNamara is the course tutor. This Man's passion is infectious so it's great to have laughs while walking around, being, quite literally, introduced to the plants. The course is a one year FETAC certificate, with an option to stay on for a second year and do a diploma, watch this space.  

While strolling around the gardens, tunnels and sitting in the huge kitchen chatting with everyone, I felt so happy with my choice, giddy with excitement even. I may feel different when I'm negotiating wet, dark roads on icy December mornings. But then Christmas will be just around the corner so it's all good. We saw the bee hives, met a bee keeper with honey combs and a huge tub of honey, nom. They have bee suits, I want to wear one. It's great to be back learning again, I'll report weekly to this space.

Strangely since I left art college, all those years ago, I have begun drawing again. Plants of course, here is my drawing number 3 of last week. 


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  1. hey green fingers! i forgot that you were starting today,well the best of luck on your new adventure, it sounds right already.

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