First week in Organic College


As life would have it, after an excellent first day at college, my Son no.2 announced he had a sore throat and had to be brought to the doc. The joys of parenthood rose up to meet me as I stayed at home and nursed the puddin and wondered what I might be missing at the Organic College. To keep me in the zone, I tended to my own veggies and pulled up and plucked this lovely lot.


Today found me back in the big, bustling kitchen and into the community garden where we all got stuck in weeding the herb garden. We pulled, dug, raked and hoed for a couple of hours and really put a face back on the space. It was a lovely, convivial atmosphere and a great chance for us to chat to each other. How great to go to school where talking is encouraged. 



The second years had planned a BBQ for the afternoon so the kitchen was a busy hive of activity. Veggies, straight from the garden became juicy fresh salads and were roasted with their own garlic in the oven. There were so, so many excellent deserts, I had eight of them on my plate. Whoever made the carrot cake, it was the yummiest. I didn't get to try the crumbles, as, after 8 cakes I was a tad full. 


That's me with my lunch in my left hand, my desert in my right and a spud in my mouth


On a day like today, this place is idyllic. The spread was great and music and dancing followed, and all on a sunny afternoon in County Limerick

Here's a little walk-about





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