Week 4 at Organic College and Springfield Walled Garden


The lesser spotted wire worm at home in a spud

What a full week. Last week culminated in a visit to Emer O'Flaherty's walled garden at Springfield Castle in Broadford, Co. Limerick. Emer lovingly grows organic salad leaves and vegetables and supplies her wares to top restaurants in Limerick and Cork. She kindly gave us a tour of her poly tunnels and garden which was then followed by a tour from Johnathan Sykes of his woodland and mushroom "forest". 


Emer showing us her orderly rows of veggies


A picture perfect finger aubergine and petit pan courgette


Teeney weeney tiny mushrooms


And finally a big, happy worm on Dan's shoulder


2 thoughts on “Week 4 at Organic College and Springfield Walled Garden

  1. Hi Val,
    the baby aubergine and courgette are so cute. We had our last courgette only a few weeks ago, the veg patch has been dug up and big fat juicy worms from the tomatoe plants have been transferred to veg patch to do some hard work!
    Can’t wait for next seasons veg.
    You seem to be having a ball at college, great pics.Have you seen any wild mushrooms this year, normally some around my house but don’t think its been warm enough this year in sunny south east!!
    Happy gardening, Vick xx

  2. Hi Vick, yes college is a blast, though plenty of work at the moment too. I haven’t been out mushroom foraging though I ought to, I don’t know my mushrooms very well but could give it a try

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