My boys won first place in the European under 12's category at the Camera Zizanio Film Festival in Greece with their movie Sharky Goes to Hollywood

We are just back from Greece after our third annual trip to the Camera Zizanio and Olympia Film Festivals. We had such a great time and were so well looked after and pampered by Greek hospitality. On this trip I made an effort to eat as much diverse food as I could get my chops into. I don't know the naes of anything in English but the daily banquets were full of such goodies as Greek Salad, rocket salad with sundried tomatoes, fried feta (nom), courgette fritters, calimari, meatballs in tomato sauce, pork in red wine, pastitsio, roast chicken, pork chops (Saoirse's favourites), lamb kebabs, delicious chunky bread for dipping, endless honey, carafes of wine, olives and the best company. 

Winning is nice, sure it's great for the kids and encourages them to go on. The real prize is getting to go to the festival, being invited and spending time with lively, enthusiastic and positive people who love films and who love children. The selection of films in the Olympia Festival (films made by professionals but with a child as the theme or main actor) come from diverse parts of the world, Denmark- but made in Mongolia, India, Turkey etc etc. None from Ireland for some strange reason, don't people know about it? We met great and lovely people from Greece, animators who have taken the boys under their wings, film-makers from UK and endless bubby, friendly teenagers from everywhere. 

More reports from all things Greek, I want to learn to cook Greek food so if anyone knows any recipes then please send me them. 


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