Boof booginyon

After enjoying a thoroughly grown-up weekend where I was wined and dined and generally having a great times with lovely people I re-entered the dominion of my kitchen. I'm a student, I said to myself as I sent my kids off to school with bread an butter sandwiches. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say. Ah still, it's Monday, so plenty of time to get back to good Mammy for the week. A proper dinner is the order of the day so here it is. 

Beef in red wine etc


I cooked with:

2lb stewing beef from the butchers shop I love, O'Connells on Little Catherine St

Onions 3 organic Irish ones from Dunnes

Mushrooms Organic Irish from Dunnes

Half bottle red wine, I used this lovely Shiraz from Dunnes, reduced from Euro14 to 7

Bacon bits from Lidl

Thyme, from a pot in the yard

Salt n Pepa

Flour – a bit

1. Toss the meat pieces in some seasoned flour, heat a few tblsp oil in a large pot till pretty hot


 Brown the meat in batches in the pan, it should do in about 4 batches, and keep on a plate


Roughly chop the onions and fry with the bacon bits


Return the meat to the pot and throw in the mushrooms, unwashed and roughly chopped


Pour in plenty of wine, but leave enough for yourself, hic! Top with some hot water or stock if you need more liquid but not too much, barely cover the ingredients. Season and cook in the oven for about 2 hours at 180 degrees C. 

Steam some scrubbed spuds and carrots for about 30 minutes


Nom, burrp!



5 thoughts on “Boof booginyon

  1. Made this for the dinner last nite fired the carrots in with it served with mash-Epic and oh so tasty-Thanks!

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