Fishy Business

A trip to the food market at the Crescent Shopping Centre ( on Wednesdays) inspired me to rustle up a less than traditional Ash Wednesday fishy feast. I'm not religiously orientated enough to choose to eat only fish today but when I saw the selection on offer this morning, monkfish, halibut, hake, cod, gurnard and some of the fabbest looking spider-crab claws I was hooked (sorry!). 


I'd started cooking before I really decided what I was making. The claws were flung into a pot of boiling water with a halved lemon and cooked for 15 minutes. They don't need much dressing up to be taken out. 


I got some hake too, three big fillets, and sliced these into chunks. I made a batter with some self raising flour, water and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Just whisk in enough water until the consistency is like pouring cream. 


Heat some cooking oil in a pot or wok and when it's hot enough, dip the fish pieces in the batter to coat lightly. Drop them into the oil carefully, they will only take a few minutes to cook, turn them if you need to. 


Stir fry some veggies with ginger and soy sauce, I had some rice steaming while all this was cooking. 


Serve up the fish goujons, tempura, or whatever you want to call them with soy sauce or any dipping sauce, or just a squeeze of lemon. I love Nature's Bounty Chilli and Garlic Sauce, you can get this at the same market.  


To serve the crab claws, you'll need a tea towel and a heavy knife, or cleaver. Cover the claws with the towel and wallop them with the blunt side of the knife till they crack. You can then pull them apart to yank out the sweet, juicy meat. Happy Ash Wednesday!



3 thoughts on “Fishy Business

  1. wow the fish looks fab, the goujons look gorgeous, saw nigel slater on bbc this eve with mackerel served with rhubarb, now after seeing ur post defo want fish at wkend! hate buying it from supermarket tho.x

  2. Crab claws look absolutely divine. I had hake for dinner too (from the same market). Just love getting my fish there, direct from the source, as it were, and avoiding the supermarket’s ridiculously high prices.

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