Making a pig of myself

This is me feeding Muc (a name you use when you don't name a pig, cos it means pig, non gaelgors), she is Gloucestire Old Spot sow with banabhs (babies) of 5 weeks old. 

Lucky me I have to do work placement as part of my course at an t'Ionad Glas. I asked the lovely Caroline Rigney at their farm in Curragh Chase if she would take me under her wing and show me some of the ropes when it comes to keeping pigs It seems that this knowledge is now more in demand than ever so I'm saying nothing! Caroline has kept pigs for eight years and has rare breeds only, Tamworths, who are the typically ginger coloured Irish pig, Saddlebacks have the black and white thick saddle marking, Gloucestershire Old Spots are, you guessed it, spotty and there are Berkshire and Wild Boar too. They have typically long snouts you expect.


This is Eilish with her brood of banabhs who are a cross of Tamworth and Saddleback, the black piggy in the background is Naoimi.

Caroline and hubby Joe have built their beautiful stone farmhouse from scratch and literally with their own hands. Caroline takes in guests and feeds them with the best Irish Breakfast imaginable as she makes everything herself. From her rare breed pigs she makes the most wonderful sausages, white pudding and rashers. You can also get cuts of pork and her famous pork roast which is a pork fillet stuffed with sausage meat and wrapped in bacon, nom. I could say much about Caroline, and have done in the past on many platforms. If you want to sample some of her delicious, award winning products you can get them from her farm shop on Sundays, or at the food market at the Crescent Shopping centre on Wednesdays. A sausage will never be just a sausage again. For now, being on the farm was great. Feeding the pigs is a riot. On my first day I felt like clarice Starling as she walked down through the prison and all the inmates went wild. The teenage pigs are the most boisterous, they want food and they want it now. Understandable I guess, being a pig, what is life about. Pigs are not smelly. These pigs live outside, have their own huts and live on a diet of non GM grain with lots of good things in it, they eat windfalls and veggies, so if you are what you eat, these piggies are healthier than most of us. Their ailments are even treated homeopathically. 

These mad teenagers are a cross of Tamworth and Old Spot, see me get out quickly

I suppose a kiss is out of the question? 



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