Seeds so far

 In an attempt to avoid studying (not difficult) for my exams at An T'Ionad Glas, I decided to take pictures in my yard today. So much has changed since I planted those first few seeds weeks ago and lots of plants are doing really well. I'm impatient and probably pay them too much attention, but what's not to love? I'm doing stuff organically this time so it's a bit more involved but strangely there has been little slug action since I've taken measures to control them. i.e beer. I'm feeding the plants of different things, nettle feed for the green leafy ones and seaweed feed for fruity ones. So far so good. My yard is tiny, about 8ft by 16ft with high walls. The good thing is there is plenty of shelter and the place is perfect for growing tomatoes. I'm trying out three varieties this year, stupice, aurora and the old reliable moneymaker.


Tables come in useful for stuff, L-R mixed salad, wild garlic (from friendly bloggers garden) kale, french beans, sage, runner beans, peas, foreground tomatoes


Spuds growing well in a shopping bag, and a strawberry plant that need a new pot

Used, plastic milk bottles with the end cut off make perfect mini cloches for seedlings, this protects them from slugs and frost


My mini greenhouse L-R top to bottom

Mini carrots,coriander, rocket, seedlings tomatoes, broccoli, nasturiums, mizuna, tat soi, more tomatoes


I used old tins, washed out with a few holes made in the botoms, filled a bit with pebbles and topped with compost for small coriander plants


Rocket is nearly ready


Spinach prefers shade so I planted some seedlings with two tomato plants. I put the netting over to keep out the pesky cat who likes to use everything as toilet


Peas on the way

My sheep snout apple tree looks promising. I got this one from Irish Seedsavers 2 years ago and it gave me apples last year. I topped up the pot with some 5 year old dried horse manure which apple trees love. 


Courgettes in the city





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