The garden so far

 In a few short weeks the yard/garden/yarden??? has transformed itself with lots of growth on all the plants. A huge dose of sunshine coupled with a couple of healthy night of rain means a transformation from scrawny to almost lush. I just got my bike back on the road after years of it sitting at home in the garage, I got this bike when I was 13, ages ago and it's still in good nick. That handsome looking wooden box is a composter made for me by a good fried from wood that came from my parents attic, it's about 40 years old, but new again. 

The list of what's growing continues to expand; I've got two types of spuds though none are ready yet. There is chard, spinach, peas, runner beans, salads: mizuna, bok choi, tat soi, rocket, kale, tomatoes, courgettes, pumpkins, broccoli, apples, raspberries, herbs, comfrey and nettles to make feeds for plants, shallots, mini carrots and lots of flowers to attract bees.

So far I've had  a few salads and some kale and chard for stir fries. It's great to step out into the yard to pick stuff to eat, it's easy and everything seems to taste better. 









5 thoughts on “The garden so far

  1. Wow, looks great Val! Well done! Very productive. I love the blue colour of your wall!
    Oh and I really like the new webpage design… Beautiful!
    Eoghan x

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