Milk Market goes under cover


This is a contribution added by Panelapa√≠, the singer in this picture. She sings Irish songs at the market and is as much a fixture there as anyone else. She sent me this, I haven't edited it and as English isn't Peneleapa√≠'s first language, though she has gone to the trouble to learn Irish, so it is as is. 


tanx Ms Valerie.. 

i wanted to share it as a link, on my Facebook page, as … my busking leads to all sorts of further adventures..

and seein your fotos of us all last week was a real joy; here, on one page, was a pictorial, instant transmission 

of the many people who form my Saturday "family" ..  people have been really supportive from when i started at 

an Mhargadh an Bhainne  Luimnigh…  

when i began takin to singin there last year, it was da result of SW havin cut me off from my Lone Parents' Assistance, 

four children and strugglin on my own pushd me to stic mself out there

This year, i feel good, stronger, wiser (i tink!) and am gearing up to competing in da Fleadh.. 

wich is next weekend, so i will sadly miss the re-location (re-instating?) into the up-graded premises–

but one or two of the traders urged me to get in a word with  .. Chris, i believe was his name. the fella in charge 

of Milk Market organization, to enquire about buskers… and unfortunately, he stated, as stands, there is NO provision of 

buskers in the new set-up. i didn't expec dat for a reply, needless 2say, a million questions went round my cerebrum, but d only 1 i managed to voice was, "…um, WHY?"  and he mentiond, "every square inch is accountd for… public liability.. insurance.. i didnt make the rules; but dats d story as stands.. initially" 

i heard him. Before goin from a 2-child family to a 4-child one, i was a childcare worker (was da chef of two early childcare groups when i livd in Cork nearly a decade ago; yes, they are a daring bunch, da Rebels!), so when he launchd into 'insurance, p.l., etc..'  i switchd off & knew he might b fine but whoevr d conglomerate organism was, that orchestrated d whole exercise, it had its orders .. right.  there were about 4 other buskers when i arrived late dis last Sat, and i cudn't help wonderin had they ea approachd temporary head-honcho as well, to learn what their new status might b, com next re-openin Milk Mkt day?

Hence, were i to show up next Sat, i would NOT just make my way inside the great walls 

to take a place among the other stallholders which have been like a family to me for the last (nearly full) year now.

Sure, i know, buskers are a fringe minority/community, after all, the upgrade to an Margadh an Bhainne was hardly to take 

the buskers into consideration… and god knows, but if my financial situation were a bit more just, i most likely wouldnt be 

found singin out on a Saturday .. (i've gone home wid traffic tikits on a few ocassions… yes, "ARRG") 

ooh!  all dis writing–

sorry, for snowin you under… 

perhaps there is a place for an editorial as mine, in the labyrinth of journalistic endeavors… or maybe not.

anyway, dats da story behind da foto. 

and thank you again, all da best !!! 

Peneleapaí XO"

Today was the last day that the traders at the Milk Market in Limerick will be selling on the open streets outside since the market began its big refurb last year. It's been a controversial move, putting a roof on it, a good looking one at that. The old cobbles are gone, as is the open air. It's easy to grumble about this when I'm not a market trader and don't have to stand there from dawn after probably not having had any sleep and travelling miles to sell my goods. Next Saturday, June 19th will be the first day of trading under the roof and the market will have new opening hours too. No doubt the day will attract all manner of murmuring and hopefully lots of the loyal customers and great traders that make the Milk Market the thriving hot spot it is.

To mark the change I went walkabout to snap a few producers, traders and head-the-balls.



Wildes Irish Chocolate



Peter and his Goudas

Tobias and his wonderful organic veggies, herbal creams and essential oils

Lovely crepe makers

Teresa Storey and her Green Apron Preserves


Gorgeous Vi and her Sunflower Bakery Bread and cakes



Oliver and his fantastic smoked fish, hand made sausages and pates



Where to get your olives!






3 thoughts on “Milk Market goes under cover

  1. What lovely photographs Val.Can hardly believe that all these changes are ready to be played out at limerick Milk Market.The street has been great,the fine Saturday weather making the trading that bit more enjoyable.I feel a wee bit of nostalgia creeping in for old times and the good folk who have left over the years.Looking forward to the new space which I really like a lot and hoping that it will do justice to the fine Limerick people who have supported it for all these years.Vi X

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