Urban Renewal

My new column in the Limerick Leader starts this weeks, happy days. It's called Urban Renewal and appears in the Leader 2 section.After much back and forth with the Ed about titles we settled on this as the column will cover what I'm at, growing food crops in my small yard, as well as other sustainability subjects like composting, recycling, keeping chickens, keeping bees and the ongoing work at the Organic College.  It has urban in the title as that's where I live, in Limerick city, not county. In the city we have as much opportunity to embrace nature and bring back some old skills, get growing our own food, making more of our own food and supporting small local food producers. 

Community gardens are taking off and so too are grow it yourself groups. 

Feedback is important to me so please leave comments here as well as suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered. 


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