Masterchef steps up to the plate

This show is really kicking into gear now. What a location, what a challenge. Why cant I eat some of that amazing food?
Great to see the two team Leaders in tonights show both hailing from Limerick. Mike is so clearly excited by being in such a high end location with chef Fred showing them his amazing canap├ęs. Watching the contestants eyes mist over with passion and excitement for the food makes me feel a little envious. What amazing opportunities for learning, drool.
Ballyfin? Im sure that used to be a boarding school and I went to a Debs there a hundred years ago. I have memories of dancing to the Cult, She Sells Sanctuary, looonng time ago.
Christines leadership skills are admirable, it looked like she managed to get everyone whipped together, why didn't they follow? she even kept her cool when her entire effort at the fois gras had to be re done. No freak outs, no panic. Loved the look of the runny boiled egg, the steak tartare the sea urchin scrambled eggs, and especially the chocolate Lollipop. Nom
Pity someone had to go as they always do. I didnt agree with the judges choice, but then Im not the judge. Any bets on yet for the winner?
I have no clue

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  1. I heartily concur, last night’s show was superb! Loved the runny boiled egg and the steak tartare too! I’m totally hooked!

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