Save our trees, Teresa Tracey needs to be supported


The news of Teresa Treacy going to prison to protect her own trees should come as no surprise. 

Is it really news that the local governments have no respect for nature or for a persons passionate regard for it. 

It reminds me of our own recent plight here in Limerick city, above is  rerun of the "popular" film

6 thoughts on “Save our trees, Teresa Tracey needs to be supported

  1. I support you. Thank you for making this video and for protecting the beautiful trees and the creatures who depend on the trees.
    I have written to RTE and asked them to highlight these issues.
    Please write also to Pat Kenny. The morning radio has a lot of listeners.
    Best of luck,

  2. Thank you Ann, we were quietened for a while by being brow beaten by city hall but now is the time to take action again. Thanks for the encouragement

  3. It feels like the time is now xxx
    I too have been having stressful tree issues lately and they seem so feeble in comparison to the challenges that Teresa Tracey is facing.
    I encourage you with all of my heart!

  4. “Honor every seeming setback, every single challenge or difficulty, for it strengthens your purpose. It gives you opportunities to be even more committed to your vision, even clearer on your intent. If life were too easy or simple, most of you would be complaining of boredom. Honor your challenges, for those spaces that you label as dark are actually there to strengthen you, to firm your resolve, and to bring out the best in you.”
    – from Living with Joy

  5. Well done for fighting back for the community – we have had too much top down decision making without taken people into account (the Teresa Tracy scandal comes to mind).
    Don’t give up!
    Beir bua,

  6. Greetings to Brussels Ciaran. I spent a great year there many moons ago, living on Avenue d’Auderghem near Schuman. Best chips in the world at Maison Antoine on Place Jourdan and the best bread at Au Vatel opposite it. So many great restaurants. Sigh, and the waffles…..

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