Happy new year’s resolution money saving dinners

Pates obeus

Happy new year to everyone and especially those of you who continue to read my little blog after all its years snuffling around on the interweb. 

A food filled Christmas has passed, full of good times, big dinners at home and in some of Limerick's best take aways. Happily I've only cooked dinner once in my own home, despite being the ripe old age of , my Mum and Dad still do the best turkey and ham and I won't complain, it's great to be fed and watered and sent home with a real Christmas pudding for the months to come. 

Every now and again I'll meet someone who amazes me by telling me they read my blog, the last time was in Costello's, my still favourite grungy, sticky carpeted haunt. "We love your website in our house", shouted a handsome young guy I've spoken to many times whose name I don't know. Apparently they do loads of cooking which is always good to hear. For you guys, here's a classic French recipe as told to be by a classic Frenchman.

Patés Au Beurre

This is a typical student dish, as described ironically on the tin Patés Obeur, a bad spelling of pasta with butter. No money food.

I used to cook this a lot as a late night snack in my teens, little did I know how "continental" I was being. 

You will need

Pasta – enough for yourself, what student can afford to think of others?

Butter – the real stuff, no room for scrimping here

1. Cook the pasta according to the pack instructions, your college education should afford you some reading ability

2. douse in a knob of butter and stir it in

This is surprisingly yummier than it sounds, do not ruin with ketchup, the French would not be impressed with you messing up a classic

For those on a carb-free new years diet, simply omit the pasta

Enjoy and for God's sake wash up after yourself

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