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Val strawbs

The Garden at No.1 Hotel and Spa is thriving, there's a wall of raspberries working away, with gooseberies, blackcurrants and tiny apple trees. Rhubarb made it's way onto the breakfast buffet and salads, spinach, potatoes, onions and herbs are all being looked after in the little courtyard garden. The project has been proof that you don't need a huge patch of land to grow food, indeed even a balcony or window sill is a good start. Last year we held a nice open day where I did a workshop in the basics of looking after some plants, saving seeds etc. It was well attended and this year, the demand for knowledge is even bigger so I've decided to run  a series of workshops in the basics of getting started in growing your own food, composting, container gardening, planting raised beds, all using organic methods. We'll cover pest and disease control and might even made some elderflower champagne or something to round things off. 


Classes cost €25 for a two hour session, or €100 for all five. For your hard won money you will get course notes with illustrations, all materials, soil, seeds, trays and a planted tray or seedling to bring home. Everybody can then mingle over coffee and cake, on the terrace, weather permiting. 

The workshops are aimed at anybody with an interest in growing their own food, herbs, salads, soft fruits and veggies. Participants will gain confidence and enough knowledge to take home and start their own veggie patch, herb garden and fruit crops. 

Classes begin on June 5th at 10am -12 Midday and run for five weeks from then. 

For queries and bookings e-mail me at valskitcheninfo@gmail.com

I hold a two year diploma in Organic Horticulture from An t'Ionad Glas, Drumcollagher

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