Been meaning to make yourself a veggie garden?

Vals kitchen garden

It has to be the best craze to have gripped the country in years, and it makes so much sense as horticulture is in our roots as Irish people. 

If you've been thinking of growing a few crops in your back garden, in pots or in the ground, get your trowels ready as I am running a series of workshops that teach just that, starting on June 5th from 10am to 12 midday at No.1 Hotel and Spa, Limerick. The workshops will cover everything your need to know about the basics of organic food growing, composting, pest control and nurturing your food crops into lovely, tasty, healthy, edibles. Food growing is a great pass-time, saves money and puts good, healthy food on your plate, it's great for kids and adults and makes you happy too. If you live in a bedsit, suburban semi or country pile, these workshops have something for you. 

The garden at the hotel will be the setting for the classes, participants will get to see how many food crops can be grown in such a small space, so far we have grown potatoes, spinach, raspberries, onions, strawberries and many salad leave and herbs. 

The classes will last for two hours, each Tuesday from June 5th for five weeks. You will get illustrated notes, seed trays or seedings that you have sown or planted to take home and then get to mingle over coffee or tea and cake in the hotel or terrace. 

Send me an e-mail at for queries and bookings

I have studied Organic Horticulture and sustainability and Organic Enterprise and Countryside Management to FETAC level 6 Diploma

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