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I don't know about you, but after being at Bloom this weekend, I am so fired up for the garden. It's some show, next year I'll take two days there as I was still in the Bord Bia food village at 3 in the afternoon, not having even glimpsed the winning gardens, the horticultural retail section and the prize veggies. Gardeners heaven. The shuttle bus from Houston had a rave-like atmosphere on it as green fingered friends were all excited en route from all corners of the country to see this event. It's so well put together, so well run and has something for everybody. The lads at the GIY stand were busy putting their giant GIY lettuce installation together when I visited. 

This is one of the prize-winning gardens, making some statements about the impact of waste and pollution, in a very beautiful way. 


This piece got a lot of attention, its a vertical garden for the space starved, which appeals to me. It's a simple shelved construction with a plastic roof, downpipes for rainwater collection and butts, and crates to hold bags of compost. Its great, could do with a little work on the aesthetic side but it serves a great purpose and it was very popular. 

Which brings me on to my reminder about my self sufficiency workshops staring tomorrow at the garden in No.1 Hotel on Pery Square, NOT the Pery on Glentworth Street. I'm very excited about meeting like-minded people who want to get a few things growing and we can get our hands dirty together and share ideas. Bring yourself, we start at 10 so arrive by 9.50 if possible and bring just yourself, gloves if you like though I'm a big believer in getting mucky. 

See you in the morning and please e-mail me with any questions

Courses for One Pery Square – Valerie O’Connor


Workshop one June 5th 10-12

Introduction to organics and permaculture

Principles of crop rotation, what works with what

Companion planting

Seed germination- how to sow seeds correctly

Sowing of seeds in modules to take home


Workshop Two June 12th 10-12

Creating a herb garden

What herbs thrive in what conditions, how to get the most from them

How to grow delicate herbs like basil and coriander successfully

Healing properties of herbs


Workshop Three June 19th 10-12

Container gardening

Creating a sustainable environment for your crops

Planting on your seedlings, – tomatoes, salads, courgettes etc

Making and planting a raised bed


Workshop Four June 26th 10-12

The soil – What makes your soil work?

Creation of organic matter – composting

How to make good compost

Liquid feeds

Making comfrey tea and nettle liquid feeds



Workshop Five July 3rd 10-12

Soft fruits

Planting and maintaining raspberries, blackcurrants etc

Strawberries, feeding and potting on runners

Pests and diseases

Slugs, aphids and other garden dangers managed using organic methods









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