Asian Street Food in Limerick

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As someone who loves my food, I have become accustomed to eating a 'version' of Asian food in Ireland, for a long time now. Chinese isn't really Chinese, though you can get some decent Indian. I love Thai food and Vietnamese, the vibrancy, the flavours, the life in the food, the colour and the health. Aroi Asian Street food is the first restaurant venture for the lovely Eddie Ong Chock Fong and his wife Jenny. Eddie grew up in a working environment that would make most people balk at the hard work. Living in Bangkok and working with his granny and his Mum making soup noodles for the millions of city dwellers for their breakfasts before he headed off to school at 7am and then back to work from 1pm until midnight in a restaurant kitchen. This man has street food in his veins and the love and life experience comes through on the plate. 

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I don't write a lot of reviews on this site, as I only have myself to answer to, it has to be true. This is all true, but is only my humble opinion at the end of the day. If you've been to Thailand and eaten chargrilled Mou Bing pork skewers from grills on the Kao San road, this is here, if you've slurped bowls of steaming Pho Bo; hot noodle soup on the streets of Ho Chi Minh, this is the real thing, here, in Limerick, full of fragrant broth, fesisty fresh herbs and topped with char-grilled juicy beef. Thai red curry with duck, green curry with chicken, fresh and crunchy green papaya salad. pandan chicken, duck rolls, pineapple fried rice. The noodles are made from rice, from skinny to fat, and naturally gluten free. The salads are wild and bright, try the lotus root. 

This food makes me happy, it makes me feel reasured and nurtured. How great to indulge and do your body good at the same time… how great to relive your travels through taste? With beautiful herbal teas from Lili and home-made ice cream. 

Some people decide to open a restaurant, or move house, or have a baby at some point in their lives. These guys have done everything at the same time, and Eddie is an incredible chef. Nice people, they chose here for their business, I hope it works.

Aroi Asian Street Food, No.1 O'Connell Street, Limerick. 061 311 411


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