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It's almost four months since my beloved book Bread on the Table, hit the bookshops and the tables of, it seems, not just Ireland. It has been a fun and wacky time, promoting the book and listening to people tales of woe, often blaming wheat for their ills. Now I'm no doctor and coeliac disease is very real for those who have it. Many people self diagnose wheat intolerances and blame the humble loaf for everything, however, it is not always wheat, that we have been consuming for thousands of years, that is the bringer of bad health, but the commercial and chemical treatment of wheat that pays havoc with your gut. If you do endeavor to improve your gut health, ditch the shop bought 'bread' please and bake your own loaves with organically grown whole grains or even organic white flour or spelt. Good bread contains imporatnat B vitamins that are essential for our health and our 'nerves', and that's especially for women. B-vitamins help our nails and hair to be strong, see my pics of wild hair please! If you don't bake then find a great local baker who bakes good sourdoughs. These won't only taste great but they also contain porbiotics which food your gut flora and help your digestion. See, you can have your bread, and eat it! 

Bread on the Table

it isn’t just a cookbook but a homage to the daily pan

(Sunday Times’ Sunday Magazine)



Val O’Connor’s Bread on the Table is a collection of the kind of recipes that you can pull together with little effort and which leave your house smelling like that of the most domestic of domestic goddesses


slice of heaven

(Irish Independent Weekend Magazine)

a great read with a section on GF goodies too

(Gas Mark Seven)

beautifully presented

(Limerick Chronicle)

always thought bread would be really hard to make … Valerie made it easy to understand and with the addition of step by step pictures for the basic white bread recipe, it was easy for myself and my two daughters to follow through our very first white bread recipe … the house smelled delicious and the white bread was gorgeous … I love this book, its more than a recipe book – and will be used time and time again


Sometimes I come across a book that really inspires me enough to actually stick to the recipes – and Val O’Connor’s Bread on the Table: Baking Traditions for Today is just such a read … this is not the kind of cookbook that you look at just once – it’s something that will remain on your counter and be used over and over. It’s beautifully written and the photographs are spectacular. It is definitely one that I will be gifting to people new to bread and baking and would highly recommend as a book that will remain in your kitchen for years (and generations!?) to come!


something for everyone

(RTE’s Taste Magazine)

I really like this … even if you have other books on baking, this one merits a place on your kitchen bookshelf for its freshness and the high proportion of recipes that bring something original to the table … a book that stands out from the crowd

(Georgina Campbell’s

it's actually pretty easy to bake your own bread and Bread on the Table by Valerie O'Connor is the book that will encourage you to roll up your sleeves and turn on the oven … if you've always been afraid of baking rather than buying, this book will convert you


unfortunately bread does not like me, for two reasons. Number one is that if i eat too much wheat i am in a world of pain for several days and number two i am absolutely rubbish at baking bread. However this is all about to change because i have come across a life changing bread recipe from Valerie O'Connor’s latest Bread on the Table book. Her Easy Oat Bread could not be simpler and tastes amazing. It is so moist, keeps for up to a week and tastes fab. It is wheat free and if you use gluten free oats then it’s gluten free. I urge you to try this and can assure you, you won’t be disappointed

(Hungry Baba Working Mama)

an engaging bread baking guide suitable for even the most nervous home baker … the perfect bible for those who want to change up their views on bread

(Food and Wine Magazine)

practical and engaging

(Easy Food Magazine)

very attractive book with beautiful photographs

(Books Ireland)

a comprehensive book with lovely photos which will have you sifting flour through your fingers in no time at all

(Sunday Independent)



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