Ferment your future happiness


Food fermenting is an almost forgotten skill that is happily making a comeback into our diets. In Ireland we enjoyed a healthy, organic diet with naturally probiotic foods like buttermilk to give us good gut health. Due to an increase in chemical treatment of our food, in recent years we have seen a rise in problems with gut health which can lead to coeliac disease, candida, IBS and eating fermented fodos has a hugely postive effect on symptoms of PMS as well as giving you increasd energy and vitality. Feeding your gut with delcious fermented foods improves your gut health with natural probiotic foods and the best part is they are all chaep and easy to make and are delcious too. 

I am running 4 workshops of 2 hours each with small groups to introduce you to these wonderful foods, we will go from sauerkraut and kimchi to kombucha and kefir, with sourdough, kvass, cream cheese and yogurt thrown in too. 

The first two classes are as follows:

March 3rd Sauerkraut and Kimchi – how to make these classic fermented foods from different cabbages

March 10th – Kefir, curds and whey – the benefits of raw milk, how to make your own yogurt, cream cheese and paneer and all about whey, the magic ingredient for all your other ferments

M├írch 17th – no class, St.Patrick's Day

March 24th – Kombucha, learn how to make this mysterious and delicious naturally fizzy drink and Kvass, a natural liver boosting tonic – kombucha mushrooms will be available

March 31st – Sourdough, from starter to loaf, this amazing bread is so easy to make and is actually good for your gut – some starter for everyone

In this first workshop I will give step by step demonstrations on how to make the king of fermented foods, sauerkraut and it's korean cousin, kimchi. You will get recipes to take home and planty of fermented foods to taste. Following workshops will cover the other areas or fermented foods. 

Workshops will continue on Tuesday mornings and evenings and is must for anoone following the GAPS protocol or a fan of the Weston A Price Foundation traditional diet

Please state whether you wish to book the morning class from 10am to 12 or the same class that evening from 7pm-9pm. There are a maximum number of 8 places for each workshop



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