Sourdough, Kombucha and Grain Free classes


It's so great that Sourdough is a fermented food, not gluten free but by soaking the grains for a long time it pre-digests the carbohydrate in the grain and greatly reduces the gluten content. 

I am teaching my sourdough day again in June on the 13th from 10am to 4pm, in this class you will bake your own loaf in a pot and take it home to enjoy as well as extra dough, starter and all instructions to keep making these amazing loaves. 


Kombucha Class 
Kombucha is a powerful probiotic drink that aids digestion and promotes good gut bacteria. It has been credited with improving skin elasticity, restoring hair growth and colour and is a great liver tonic. At this hands-on workshop I will guide you through making your own Kombucha, complete with your own SCOBY Symbiotic Colony of Binary Yeasts so you can keep making these wonderful drinks at home forever.

Grain Free baking demo 
Are you following a gluten free diet and bored with eating the same stuff? Come to this 2 hour demo and learn to bake delicious treats like yogurt cake, nut bread, carrot cake muffins and chocolate beetroot brownies. Grain free bakng is easy and gives great results with delicious, moist and nutritious baked treats. Ingredients being used: nut flours, honey, eggs, butter, coconut oil, yogurt, kefir. Take a load off as you watch me bake everything and then yu get to eat it an take the recipes home too 🙂

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