Eating Another Woman’s Cake

Birthday cake

There are varying degrees of infidelity, the same way that there are fifty ways to leave your lover (only 50?). Since the beginning of time Women and Men too will argue about what's ok and what falls within their own boundaries when it comes to playing offside. Is it a text flirtation that's a step too far? A look, time spent with another woman, a female friend. Any number of things can cause the green eyed monster to rear its head. For me it's strange one, food. Another woman's food.

Restaurants are great, they allow total anonymity when it comes to your food. You book a table, you arrive and are seated. As a couple, you use this as a time to be alone together and have some date time, or just enjoy some great food that you didn't have to cook yourself. Feeding people is an intimate thing however, and the distance between the home kitchen and the restaurant kitchen is huge. The chef in the restaurant kitchen doesn't love you, neither does the kitchen porter or the person who prepped the veg or roasted the carcasses to make the stock, if they make their own stock of course. Restaurant food, no matter how good, never tastes like home cooking, ever. The most simple thing, cooked at home by one person in a kitchen, is made for you and maybe your family, and it's made with love, even if they didn't feel like cooking at the time, the love is in there somewhere.

Of course the restaurant needs your money to stay in business. It's a no-strings relationship. You eat, you pay, you leave. Nobody expects any calls, texts or thank yous, no second dates. When your other half is enjoying their delicious food in a restaurant, you don't know who cooked it, and you don't care. Why would you?

If you're lucky enough to get invited to a friends house for dinner, something I relish as I cook constantly, you know you're in for a treat because they invited you. I have one good friend in particular that I go to for dinner with my boys and we get so excited about it because she's such a great cook and a damn fine baker to boot. We take it in turns, she comes here, we go there, it's a two-way and very equal and giving relationship. We almost always cook the same thing too, and that's ok because everybody loves it.

Then there was this one time however when the himself came for dinner too. He loves his food, is always appreciative, which is fine, until he appreciated someone elses cooking. 

"Mmmmm, wow this is so good", he murmured into his spinach and gorgonzola pasta. He was right, it is that good.

"Ohhh, wow this is amazing', he continued.

"Hmmmm", I muttered to myself

Salad was slurped, delicious juicy tomatoes with balsamic and basil

"So fresh and tasty, so much flavour", he drooled

"Grumble", I grumbled. It was good, I know that, I din't need an advertising campaign about it

"This garlic bread is so great, so buttery", he moaned as he tore off another steamy chunk.

"Harrumph", I harrumphed.

Then to desert. Pornography itself. Chocolate cookie dough brownies with a salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Well!

I can't even find the letters to write the noises, and if I did this post would end up on a different type of blog. 

My face reddened as I too enjoyed the knee-buckling sumptuousity of these decadent delicacies. Brownies my eye, this was war!

I bottled my fuming, as I love my friend too much. Imagine the scene, walking out because the food was too good. I contained my purple face, grimacing a smile like Arnold Schwarzenneger as our plates were taken away. 

As the man rubbed his belly in some kind of post-nuptial reverie, I sat, dumfounded at my own jealousy. He was enjoying another woman's food, and right there in front of me. '

Well why don't you just marry her!" , my inner mean girl ranted. 

Instead we hugged my lovely pal and went home. 

Jealousy trigger duly noted


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