Make your own kombucha!! June 2nd at the Urban Co-op, Limerick


Kombucha has been around for thousands of years and more recently we have seen it for sale in shops. In Russia Kombucha is hailed as a wonder-drink that helps to keep your gut healthy, improves energy and vitality, skin elasticity and evens helps to restore your hair colour! It is said that Russian men would drink large amounts of it before a night on the vodka, and credit their lack of hangover to this liver-loving drink. Kombucha is easy to make and costs virtually nothing, you can flavour it with anything from ginger to lemongrass and it gives you a stash of naturally fizzy drinks. Kombucha should generally be drunk in small doses however as it can contain up to 1% alcohol and is a detoxifier. To start making kombucha you will need to procure a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts) and you will get this at the workshop where you get to make your own fermented tea drink and take it home to care for and bottle. You can keep making kombucha for many years using your own scobys which will multiply for you to share. I will also demonstrate water kefir and a special turmeric bug that I've been feeding (not what it sounds like!). 

Please bring a large jar, 2litre or 3 litre with a clip top lid so you can close it and take it home. A smaller jar isn't worth the effort really so go and get one :) 

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